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February 18, 2020, 1:35 am

Detroit Casinos Race Heats Up

The race to build a permanent casino in Detroit is heating up between MGM Grand Detroit, Motor City and Greektown Casino.

The MGM Grand Detroit and Greektown Casino have officially begun the construction of their permanent casinos and hope to finish them in 2007.

The Greektown casino has already received approval to build a casino in the city, but it still awaits the approval from Detroit City Planning Commission for the casino site plan.

The Motor City has allotted two hundred seventy five million dollars for the new casino which they are building on the current temporary casino while MGM Grand will fund the construction with seven hundred sixty five million to build their hotel and casino which they plan to become fully operational in 2008.

Greektown casino said that their planned casino will start its operation also in 2008, but the delay of construction lags them behind the competition.

As part of the hotel casino plans to open in 2008, The Motor City and the MGM Grand Detroit are already booking tradeshows and conventions in their convention centers.

As for Detroit residents, they are happy to see the casinos race heat up in their area as it will boost the local economy.